Ella Fields

REVIEW: Cyanide


Heartless. Conceited. Shallow.
Three simple words to describe me.

I had everything a girl could ask for, yet nothing I truly needed. I’d made peace with who I was and the expectations set upon me long ago. Only to have that peace shattered when a nameless hero rode into my world.

I wasn’t allowed to have him. Too bad I never cared much for the word no.

Because I’d soon learn the hard way that too much self-indulgence could result in incurable consequences.

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4-Star Review:
Cyanide was the second book I’ve read from Ella Fields… I came across a cover reveal post with this beautiful piece of art a few weeks ago, which introduced me to this author and her work. My initial reaction was my jaw meeting the floor; I was awe-struck. I can honestly admit that I didn’t care about the synopsis – because THIS. FUCKING. COVER. was so distracting- in a good way. If I could give an award for Most Beautiful Book Cover for 2017, this would win. Seriously, I’m going to print this and have it hung on my wall.

But let’s vent about the book because we all know the words between the pages is the most important aspect after all.

To be honest, I didn’t really like our heroine, Vera, throughout majority of the book. Every time she was getting close to chipping ice away from her heart, she’d open her mouth and some disrespectful comment would come flying out that would make it freeze up faster than ice north of The Wall. She wasn’t even fun to hate, like some villains are. Sorry, I wasn’t a huge fan.

With that being said, Vera tried to break free from the person she was expected to be. She made a decent effort but the hold on her was too strong. Jared, our hot, sexy hero,made a valiant effort to show her she was better than what revealed to people. She just had to believe in herself.

“When you’ve had everything you ever wanted, you’re not allowed
to have anything that truly matters.”

We meet the hero in Ella’s previous book, Frayed Silk. You don’t HAVE to read that book first but, as always, it’s recommended. You get to experience Jared on another level and explore his past a bit. It would’ve made for an interesting story from his POV but I digress, I was still rooting for him no matter what.

Jared was straight-forward, persistent, and extremely patient with this woman. I was swooning head-over-heals for this man the entire time. But let’s face it, I was a fan of him from the moment he opened his mouth in Frayed Silk. I wanted this for him; wanted someone for him. (It wasn’t me, but hey I can deal.)

This book was about breaking down barriers that were built around you and discovering who you truly are, and truly want to be. As frustrating as I was with the heroine, I still really enjoyed the story shared between the two characters. I laughed at a few of Vera’s outbursts, cheered for Jared the whole way, and wanted to suck punch any ass-hat that got in their way. Great read!

“Fear holds us both captive, only allowing us to hand out parts of ourselves. Piece by piece, one at a time. Testing the waters before we lose ourselves beneath the undertow. No one wants to drown; they want to make sure it’s safe. But I think we’ve now revealed enough to take another step forward and take a chance.”

Published by Ella Fields, 2017
ARC won in exchange for an honest review

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