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REVIEW: Heathens


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Paris is home to runaways and lost souls, romantics and artists. A lover’s paradise. For Lilith Damewood, Paris is tainted, tarnished, corroded. Trying to claw her way out of her dark memories, she channels her vitriol into her photography.

Salem Tempest is a seminary student entrusted with the souls of Notre Dame de Paris—even the dark ones. When an unlikely friendship forms between the two of them, and a revelation shakes them both to their core, Lily and Salem find themselves connected in powerful and unexpected ways.

Lily risks his ruin—and her own.

After all, even holy men can fall. And salvation may be closer than they realize.

HEATHENS is a dark romance that connects five souls in a web of choice, sin, revenge, and redemption. It may be considered blasphemous to some. It is intended for mature readers.

HEATHENS is book 1 in the HEATHENS duet. BELIEVERS, book 2, will be releasing in 2018. Both books can be read as a standalone.

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book review

HEATHENS was different from Amanda’s other stories. There was this dark, revengeful feel throughout the entire book and the emotions were addicting throughout. There were times I could feel the hate permeating through my bones as I read and I sought revenge as much as our main characters, Lily and Salem.

“It might not happen today or even this week. Perhaps not even this year. But one day, they’ll see the mask fall from my face- the monster I had to face alone. The darkness I have to contend with. The thirst for revenge that no one understands.”

I have to say, I’m extremely surprised the religious aspect of this story didn’t deter me away, as it has in the past. Now, I’m not religious by any means. None. Zip. Nada. But, for whatever reason, reading stories that incorporate religion as a theme are a huge turn off for me. I wouldn’t say it’s a hard limit, because I WILL read it (obviously), but it usually weirds me out and I have a hard time concentrating and enjoying the story. Perhaps its Amanda’s ability to write incredible, in-depth stories that sucks you in and has you piecing it together from the get-go. Yeah, that’s what kept me distracted.

Salem (James McAvoy is the muse for this character and LORD JESUS I’d let him take me to church), came off as this well-mannered, good natured seminary student- as I suppose the vast majority of them are. He was so slick, so sly, living the various interests and activities that make up his life. He was an all-around good person, and didn’t expect anything in return for befriending Lily.

With that being said, the angst between these two was smoldering. Lily, being the revengeful spit-fire she is, had one mission in life: ending the darkness that taints Paris for her. As her friendship with Salem began to grow, she never lost sight of her mission. The romance of this book was kept on the back burner, but it was definitely present.  I was stuck inside Lily’s head trying to figure out her master plan, super glued.

I highly recommend you one-click this dark romance, along with any other of Amanda’s books! Her writing is meticulous, words are enchanting, and books are memorable. Overall, 4.5 Hail Mary’s and I need Believers stat 😉

Pubished by Amanda Richardson, 2017
ARC provided for honest review

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