Stand Alone Novels

Alphabetized by author

Attar, Leylah – Mists of the Serengeti

Barbetti, Whitney – Ten Below Zero
Blair, E.K. – Author Anonymous

Cole, Tillie – A Thousand Boy Kisses
Cole, Tillie – A Veil of Vines
Cole, Tillie – Sick Fux
Colette, Jeannine – Wrecked
Contreras, Claire – The Player

Fields, Ella – Frayed Silk

Halle, Karina – Before I Ever Met You
Hoover, Colleen – Ugly Love
Hoover, Colleen – Confess
Hoover, Colleen – It Ends With Us

Jenner, Carmen – Harley & Rose
Jenner, Carmen – The Way Back Home

Lucero, Isabel – Think Again
Lucero, Isabel – Darkness Within

Martin, CJ – Off Key
Montgomery, M.E. – Yesterday’s Tomorrows

Paris, B.A. – Behind Closed Doors

Richardson, Amanda – And Then You
Richardson, Amanda – That Which Binds Us
Richardson, Amanda – Tracing the Stars

Sterritt, Kate – Love My Way

Valentine, Marley – Devastate

Wells, A. Wilding – A Mess Of Reason